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Channel Sales Managers

Supervisor, coach, trainer and mentor—you have to do it all, but how good are you at doing that with your partners' sales teams?

The toughest job in sales

Products and services are increasingly being sold through valued-added resellers, partners, system integrators, licensed distributors, agencies and franchisees. To be effective in channel sales management, you have to be a great project manager, you have to be able to influence without formal organisational power at all levels of the organisation and you have to help third party salespeople sell the way you need them to. 

Making Channel Sales Work Revised

Your responsibility as a channel sales manager is to maximise sales through third parties.

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You must battle for mindshare, maybe displace your partners' incumbent vendors,  train your partners to sell your offering whilst understanding your partners' motivations and their customers' challenges. All without formal power.

You must be able to identify, recruit, and train new partners and then support their teams so they not only do the job you want them to, but also outperform their own goals.

Channel sales managers are under a lot of pressure to hit targets that they can only influence, not guarantee through their own direct action. This leads to the temptation to be reactive to partner requests rather than follow a proven development plan and stay in control of the relationship.

Could you use a little help? We understand. Sandler provides you with the processes, tools, and techniques to keep your channel team focused on the right activities leading them to the highest levels of success.

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