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In our clients' own words

The success of our clients is what speaks volumes for us

When our clients are successful, we know that we've succeeded in our mission.

We have used the Sandler sales methodology for 15 months starting with a 2 day overview followed up by bi-monthly focus sessions to ensure that key lesson/topics are reinforced and embedded across the sales teams. Sandler has given us a common language to discuss sales pipeline, qualify opportunities in or out and to either lose quickly or win in the best available manner. Over the 15 month period we have halved our sales pipeline yet continued to grow sales revenue by 20% year on year. With less pipeline we have focused on really selling to those customers who will buy which enables us to continue to sell more. In recent months we have continued to rebuild our sales pipeline and we are now seeing a 30% increase in sales revenue over the last quarter, I expect this to continue to grow.

Kieran Brady, Sales Director, Gamma

I've been working with Paul for about a year now. His teaching of the Sandler system has been nothing less than transformative for our business. We've saved a ton of time which was previously wasted on writing glossy proposals and chasing prospects. We're able to now create long term meaningful value-based partnerships with our clients. We were always focused on understanding clients' problems, but by applying the Sandler system we're able to do this at a far deeper level. The system starts off feeling counter-intuitive, but it becomes natural after a while - for both us and the prospect/client. We don't want to go back to where we were.

Barry Fisher, MD, Real Life Digital

We have just gone over target for the 4th consecutive month. We use much less technical resources to acquire clients and far fewer quotes are going out. At the same time opportunities are closing at a higher rate and business is coming in faster. We now tend not to get involved with tenders and feel in control of the opportunities we do decide to go for. Sandler and Paul's training has made a significant difference

Chris Pitt, Sales Manager, Stemmer Imaging

"Your superb sales and sales management training programmes continue to deliver the edge we need, and your training efforts continue to earn an astounding 93 percent approval rating! That's why we've decided to bring the sales force of our new division under the Sander umbrella."

G Miller, Sr VP of Sales - Cap Gemini Ernst & Young

"Our sales reps really needed a system -- a track to run on. We tried all of the 'as old standards,' but in the end, we always reverted to our old habits.... With Sandler on our team, the sales reps and sales managers feel we have a discipline that saves a lot of time and helps us qualify our prospects better. The proof lies in the fact that our closing rates have improved, the sales cycle is shortened, fewer quotes are going out to unqualified prospects and we can now more effectively handle the bid wars with the competition."

Barry Kinney Regional Sales Manager, ADT Security Systems

I have witnessed real change in the sales people in my team at Iris. It is hard to get seasoned salespeople to adopt a new way of thinking. The management team, including myself, had to be behind the process of change, enforcing Pain, Budget and Decision. Paul was always on hand to support the managers and the sales consultants. All saw some improvement; those that embraced the Sandler process more readily saw dramatic positive difference. The biggest difference I experienced was that instead of all the deals having to be closed at month or quarter-end, using up my energy and resources to help, the deals closed when they should, in good time at the right level. I could be the coach they needed.

Gareth Abraham, Sales Manager, Iris Software

It is taking me longer than I thought to really get to grips with all this counter-intuitive stuff. It all makes sense; we are getting the results we wanted but it needs some practice. We have changed our initial offering as a result of working with Paul and he is now bringing the Sandler approach to all our staff to empower them to be more commercially aware.

Marvin Dudziec, MD, MdfX

"I have been in my role for a year; with your teaching, I have hit 115% sales for this period. 99% of it is Sandler learning. I have ruffled feathers along the way as I have walked away from time-wasting prospects."

Frank Knuckey, Senior Account Manager, QA Apprenticeships

"The Sandler System has worked for me by enabling me to very quickly establish a "king to king" relationship at first meetings. Their sales principal is counter-intuitive to all sales training I have experienced and disarms the prospect of his pre-conceived idea as to how the form of the meeting will take and therefore relaxes him. It has enabled me to progress a considerable way down the process of convincing the prospect of the value of our services without him feeling his is being sold to. If used properly it means that it is run to your agenda but with the prospect feeling he is controlling of things. It ensures that the prospects objections/needs/concerns are dealt with at an early stage. One way or the other! But he is given an opportunity to voice them as a natural progression of the meeting. It establishes at an early stage on what basis the prospect is prepared to proceed and delays our detailed presentation of our system which is then used (at the end) to confirm/reinforce that it meets his needs. It has given me the confidence to phrase questions in a way that extracts a yes from the prospect. There is much more to the process than outlined above but these are the bones of it and why I have found it has helped me."

Clive Bailey,Director, ERA

"Paul has had quite an effect on my productivity and my pipeline of work and projects. He uses the system he teaches to great effect. Seeing him at work and practicing what he has taught me is changing my business future. After 17 years in business I have an understanding of sales - but having traditionally sought only a couple of new contracts a year - my new desire to increase my business needed a more focussed and professional approach to selling. With Paul's tuition I have been able to clarify my selling technique - without becoming a sales person. I have retained my consultant "identity" but increased my success rate. The best part is that whilst I am benefitting from this - so are my clients. The clarity that comes from the method means that their needs are more closely defined and they are better able to recognise when their objectives have been met.

Richard Knight, MD, AIMS

Having experienced several different sales training systems, I had grown a little sceptical and was reluctant to buy into Sandler when it was first presented to me. However Paul swiftly had me 100% bought in, with logical examples, live demonstrations and thorough explanations of the steps in the system. I have since been applying this to my role leading a team focused on winning new business, with noticeable success. The Sandler system has been uniquely useful, in qualifying where we should focus our limited resources in order to maximise our opportunities. I can thoroughly recommend the Sandler method, and in particular Paul's teaching of it.

Oliver Richford, Key Account Manager, Stemmer Imaging

" Just with a few changes we have increased our sales already. GREAT !! This stuff works."

Vesa Pelkonen, CEO Futra

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