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“And the first 10 steps are in the Planning section”. There are 6 Ps in Organisational Excellence, 24 steps in total and 10 of those are just in Planning. Those other Ps are People, Positions, Processes, Performetrics and Passion. Surely that model looks a bit lopsided?

Not really! Unless you have your planning done in detail, everything else will not work. You’ll need to spend time on getting a very clear picture of where you want your business and your life to be going. What does the end goal look like? Who will be involved in that picture? What will you be doing at that point? And where? What is about you and your business that will propel you through all the effort and expense to get you the success and the excellent organisation you want? What does the landscape look like in terms of competitors, outside factors, internal strengths and weaknesses right now so that you can point yourself and your team in the right direction?

There are so many aspects to consider. Each one is not hard, but it needs honesty and some focus on it. That’s the real learning here; we probably can answer in a vague off-hand way all the previous questions, but to document it all in enough detail that makes it real and a firm base to work from, that takes some courage and some time. It also needs, let’s be honest, someone to have put all the relevant steps together in a way that makes a coherent whole.

So, if you want the roadmap to Organisational Excellence, contact me and we will discuss how you can get involved as we launch our first group in Southern Counties.

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