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Mike Montague interviews Akshay Nanavati, best-selling author of Fearvana, on How to Succeed at Finding Bliss.


You might think that the biggest part of Communication is the message. I would like to suggest that in fact it is Feedback. Salespeople are typically terrible at listening. They think they need to talk to sell. In fact, selling and telling benefits are, for many, synonyms. Proving you have listened comes in many forms.The most obvious is reflecting what your client or prospect has told you through either paraphrasing in your own words or repeating what they have told you in their words.Other ways of proving you have listened comes with your body language.Giving Feedback also means helping our client realise that they have not told us everything they should have.

Mike Montague interviews Brian Jackson, Sandler trainer from San Diego, on How to Succeed at Leading a Diverse Team.

Mike Montague interviews Wade Rowan, Sandler trainer from Chattanooga, on How to Succeed at Identifying Your Personal Advantage.

Michelle Prince is the best-selling author of her first book, “Winning In Life Now” and is a highly sought after Zig Ziglar Motivational Speaker.

Mike Montague interviews Alea Homison on How to Succeed at Organization-Wide Effectiveness Using Sandler.

This year, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the book, Dave will revisit each of the original 49 Sandler Rules and give updated takes on their relevance to salespeople and sales leaders.


Short on time? No problem. Here is our 120-second overview of three critical areas where we are seeing the most productive sales leaders set their teams up for success in 2021.


A Q&A with HubSpot and Suzie Andrews, Sandler Training


In this next blog in the series "Personal Presence the Sandler Way" we look at how important it is to get our delivery right. Content is a minefield, Delivery has to be congruent or your communication will appear insincere and counter-productive!