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Paul Glynn

For great Personal Presence you need to demonstrate great character. And that inevitably means demonstrating self-responsibility. But just how important is self-responsibility in becoming a success in business? If it is important, how can you deliberately get better at it?

You might think that the biggest part of Communication is the message. I would like to suggest that in fact it is Feedback. Salespeople are typically terrible at listening. They think they need to talk to sell. In fact, selling and telling benefits are, for many, synonyms. Proving you have listened comes in many forms.The most obvious is reflecting what your client or prospect has told you through either paraphrasing in your own words or repeating what they have told you in their words.Other ways of proving you have listened comes with your body language.Giving Feedback also means helping our client realise that they have not told us everything they should have.

In this next blog in the series "Personal Presence the Sandler Way" we look at how important it is to get our delivery right. Content is a minefield, Delivery has to be congruent or your communication will appear insincere and counter-productive!

This is the next blog in the series "Personal Presence". To have Personal Presence you need Energy. Passion is the well-spring of sustained energy. 

This is the third in the series of blogs on "Personal Presence". Energy is a vital element of Personal Presence. That demands not only Vitality as described in the last blog, but Perseverance too. What can you do to increase your chances of success?

If you are approached by a salesperson who abounds in Personal Presence (not arrogance but authentic Presence) you will want to buy from them even if their process or tactics or strategy were a bit weak. That is because when we are in the role of buying, we buy people first. We buy into their Personal Presence. In other words, exercises to strengthen this area are the surest way to more revenue.

Sandler describes Personal Presence as a triangle: Energy bottom left, Communication bottom right and Character at the top. That all makes sense. But what is specifically meant by these three vertices of the triangle that itself stands at the apex of the Technique triangle?

Energy implies vitality, perseverance and passion. Communication to be effective needs thoughtful content, great delivery and superb feedback skills. Character depends on integrity, self-responsibility and charisma.

All these elements can be practiced and improved. They as much part of Technique as anything else that Sandler teaches through its reinforcement training. If you want to strengthen your Personal Presence, and win more revenue with less depending on chance, then read my series of blogs. Along the way I will provide you with a whole suite of practical exercises.

This blog in one in a series of 12 on "Personal Presence". It is not the start of the series, but the first to be published here. The series looks at how Personal  Presence is vital to good Sales Technique. Personal Presence is made up of Energy, Communication and Character. Communication is central and according to the author, Paul Glynn, is itself made up of Content, Feedback, and Delivery. Included in this blog are a number of practical exercises, some of the "42 Steps to increasing Personal Presence"

Personal Presence sits at the top of the Sandler Technique triangle. That is for a very good reason. Without Personal Presnce all our attempts at the techniques are not going to be as effective as they should. So what is "Personal Presence"?

Sandler can be seen as a machine that removes the flair of the individual salesperson. Nothing could be further from the truth! The wheels of Sandler technique need a vital oil: Personal Presence. 

Sales Training doesn't work. That's typically what we find. So what can you do to make sure your investment in training (of any kind with any provider) has the right return?